The essential tool for many industries

Designed and manufactured in Australia this innovative manhole and access cover lifter has earned itself the tag of essential tool within many of our demanding industries.

Power Generation, Mining and minerals, waste water and regional councils have all seen the benefit the Scorpion can offer for both productivity and health and safety.

Heavy covers that have seen extensive corrosion and road traffic movement often require substantial force to be removed from their seat. Manual lifting devices have the potential risk of causing back-strain injuries which the Scorpion can easily prevent.

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  • Reduced time and effort in the lift of heavy covers
  • Reduced risk of manual back-strain injuries
  • Single person operation
  • Ready for action in under 60 seconds
  • Proven track record
  • Australian design and manufacture
  • Wide range of accessories allows the lift of 99% of covers
  • 900kg of directly acted force

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