TheĀ ideal solution for lifting gas tight covers

Introducing the new Rhinomax Spreader bars.
These adjustable spreader bars are the ideal solution for lifting gas tight covers.
These covers prevent a vertical lift due to the tapered front and rear edge.
Even after breaking the seals on these covers they are difficult to remove from the frames to a safe position.
The spreader bars allow a cover's seal to be broken and then lifted close to its centre of gravity in order to easily remove the lid without dragging or excessive force.

spreader bars 3
computer designed and tested

Computer designed and tested

Designed and manufactured to exacting standards in Australia using state of the art CAD CAM technology.

Easy initial lift of gas tight covers

The initial lift enables the cover seal to be safely and easily broken with a limited amount of effort.

easy initial lift
tiled floors

Lifting covers on tiled floors

Lifting a gas tight cover set in a tiled surface can lead to damage when removing from the frame.
The spreader bars prevent the need to drag the cover.
Simply lift the cover safely and easily and place in a protected area to prevent surface damage.
The Scorpion manhole lifter and spreader bars are used in many shopping centres across Australia.

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